Audience Puppets
FROM Puppet Up! - Uncensored
and Stuffed and Unstrung

Two unnamed puppet characters were created for audience participation bits in the Puppet Up! - Uncensored and Stuffed and Unstrung stage shows. These puppets—a boy and a girl—are utilized by audience members who are brought on stage by Patrick Bristow to try a hand at puppeteering alongside the cast.

They have also been featured on talk shows and live events with the hosts or other celebrities trying their hand at puppeteering.

The character's awkward designs coupled with the unskilled puppetry skills and improv abilities of the audience members are often played up for comedic effect.

The goofy-looking puppets have been used in various other Henson Alternative productions; including being used as the "two freaks in a car" in "The 12 Awkward Days of Xmas," as Jen and Ben in the Alt/Reality episode "First Date" (performed by Alison Mork and Allan Trautman), and the boy puppet as Mortimer on the Henson Company's Twitter.

Small plush hand-puppets of the two characters were also produced and sold at Puppet Up! and Stuffed and Unstrung shows.


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