No, You Shut Up!
Season 4, Episode 3
Date February 18, 2016
Episode Guide
Oui Oui

Bernie Bros is the title of the third episode of the fourth season of No, You Shut Up!. The episode aired on Fusion on February 18, 2016. Jen Kirkman and Bobak Ferdowski appear as guests.


In "Shut Up the Vote," Paul F. Tompkins talks about the death and legacy of Antonin Scalia with Oliver Pouch and Yerd Nerp. Jen Kirkman talks about her latest book and goes to the "Bernie Bro Zone" hosted by Hot Dog. Anonymous interrupts the show to give Paul top secret information that would disrupt Donald Trump's election which Paul already knows. Bobak Ferdowski talks about his job at NASA and takes part in "Explain It Like I'm a Big Dumb Bird" to tell "A Bird" about future colonization of Mars. Anonymous interrupts again with another set of attempts to obtain dark secrets of Donald Trump. Paul, Yerd Nerp, Star Schlessinger, and Hot Dog talk about undocumented immigration. Anonymous interrupts a final time by doing insulting jokes towards Donald Trump's campaign which Hot Dog finds hilarious.


NYSU S04E05 w Jen Kirkman & Bobak Ferdowsi21:49

NYSU S04E05 w Jen Kirkman & Bobak Ferdowsi

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