Simian Undercover Detective Squad
Season 1, Episode 8
Bootleg Booty
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The Rotten
Peel Deal
You're Only As Young
As You Steal

"Bootleg Booty" is the eighth episode of the Henson Alternative webseries Simian Undercover Detective Squad.

The episode was released to the Microsoft Zune Video Marketplace in April 2011.


In the episode, Yeager and Skreet go undercover as a Canadian couple on vacation attempting to buy a bootleg copy of "The Making of Labyrinth" on DVD from P-Nut & Sho' Tee's Discount DVD Outlet on Hollywood Blvd.


Allan Trautman as Skreet
Ted Michaels as Yeager
Jerry Trainor as P-Nut
Zand Broumand as Sho' Tee
Paul Rugg as Captain Futz

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