FROM Late Night Liars
PERFORMER Colleen Smith

Cashmere Ramada is an original puppet character featured on the Henson Alternative game show Late Night Liars. Ramada serves on the celebrity panelists on the show.

A world-famous celebutante and tabloid target, Cashmere is a ditzy pink poodle who has had dozens of mini-careers: singing, fashion design, perfume and a few unfortunate video tapes that circulate on the Internet. She constantly inserts herself into charities she doesn't understand, thinking that "Save the Dolphins" was an effort to prolong the amount of time you could keep dolphin meat in the freezer. Her perfume “Dolphine” was found to contain actual dolphin. It was a massive scandal for the drug stores and gas stations that carried the scent.

She is 147 (in dog years).

The puppet has later been used by Colleen Smith in shows of Stuffed and Unstrung and Puppet Up!.

The puppet later appeared in the Neil's Puppet Dreams episode "Dream Bump" as a dancer, and was recycled on No, You Shut Up! as Princess (also performed by Colleen Smith).

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