Del's Vegas Comedy Binge was a series of webisodes produced in 2007 for starring Delbert Kastle, co-star of the Henson/TBS pilot Late Night Buffet with Augie and Del, as he explored The Comedy Festival in Las Vegas. The show was released on in the last week of November 2007, and features appearances by Wayne Newton, Frank Caliendo, Bill Engvall and others.


Day 1: Del gets inside The Comedy Festival, and meets Wayne Newton in the bathroom.

Featuring Wayne Newton

Day 2: Frank Caliendo teaches Del a few impressions.

Featuring Frank Caliendo and Joey Caliendo

Day 3: Bill Engvall takes a seat right next to Del and talks about Blue Collar Comedy.

Featuring Bill Engvall, John Caparulo, Reno Collier, Jamie Kaler, and Juston McKinney.

Day 4: After four days of The Comedy Festival, Del's in need of a sandwich and explores Vegas' kitchens.

Featuring Lance Burton, Janet Varney, and Paul Gilmartin

Day 5: On the last day of The Comedy Festival, Del takes a trip down memory lane and explores the Vegas strip.

Featuring Frank Caliendo, Bill Engvall, John Caparulo, Reno Collier, Jamie Kaler, and Juston McKinney.
The Big Day: Part 1
The Big Day: Part 2


Delbert Kastle:

Bill Barretta


Lance Burton, Frank Caliendo, John Caparulo, Reno Collier, Bill Engvall, Paul Gilmartin, Jamie Kaler, Juston McKinney, Wayne Newton, Janet Varney



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