Janet Varney (born 1976) is an American comedic actress best known for co-hosting TBS's Dinner and a Movie alongside Paul Gilmartin.

Varney was co-host of The Hollywood Show with Brian Unger, a recurring player on Norm Macdonald's sketch show Back to Norm and an ensemble player on Crossballs, all for Comedy Central. She also starred in the short-lived Fox comedy Happy Hour. She has co-hosted Dinner and a Movie since 2005, taking the position previously filled by Annabelle Gurwitch (1996-2002) and Lisa Kushell (2002-2005).

Varney appeared alongside Paul Gilmartin in an episode of Del's Vegas Comedy Binge. Del stumbles into the pair while wandering a Las Vegas kitchen in search of a sandwich.

In 2012, Varney helped co-create and produce the Henson Alternative webseries Neil's Puppet Dreams.

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