The performance of "Java."


The finale of "Java."

"Java" is a musical routine originally performed by Jim Henson on variety shows in the early years of the Muppets. The bit was later performed on stage as part of Henson Alternative's Stuffed and Unstrung starting in 2010. The song was written by Allan Toussaint.

In the bit, two tube-like creatures (designed by Frank Oz) dance on-stage to Al Hirt's performance of the song.

Original Muppet bitEdit

The Muppets featured the song a number of times over the years including on The Ed Sullivan Show (November 27, 1966), The Muppet Show (season 1, 1976), The Today Show (January 12, 1977), and The Tonight Show (April 2, 1979).

For the Ed Sullivan Show performance, Jim Henson and Frank Oz performed the two puppets and the explosion that provides the punchline was achieved by Jerry Juhl shooting off a fire extinguisher.

Stuffed and Unstrung revivalEdit

Henson Alternative's "Stuffed and Unstrung" features a re-creation of the classic Henson routine. Brian Henson commented on the inclusion of vintage Henson sketches saying "They've aged beautifully... They're still hysterical."

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