No, You Shut Up!
Season 3, Episode 7
Date January 29, 2015
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Wait, What?!
It's Just Stupid

"Life Hacks" is an episode of No, You Shut Up! that first aired on Fusion on January 29, 2015. Andy Daly appears.


As part of the upcoming Award Season, Armond Mite hosts his award show "The Mites." Andy Daly talks about his show Review and about the Life Hacks. On "Bo Knows," Bo Beetle talks about Don Lemon's on-air gaffes. On "Mooz on the Move, Street MD," Dr. Mooz talks to people on the street about their personal diseases. Paul, Bo Beetle, Steeewwww, Star Schlessinger, and Andy Daly talk about America's Christian Uncoupling.


NYSU S03E07 - "LIFE HACKS”22:01


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