No, You Shut Up!
Season 3, Episode 20
Date April 30, 2015
Episode Guide
Ice Cream
Cenk Uygur/Colin Hanks

"Mandy Patinkin" is the title of the third season's finale of No, You Shut Up!. The episode aired on Fusion on April 30, 2015. Jack Black and Danny Pudi appear as guests.


Paul F. Tompkins looks back on season three as part of the season finale. In "Hot Top Pick," Paul, Bierstin Krakov, and the Constitution talk about the featured hot topics. While providing the music, Jack Black competes against Paul in the brisk walking race with Jack losing to deal with Hot Dog's choking problem. Danny Pudi gets his face painted to look like Spider-Man and gets interviewed by Hot Dog about Community. Armond Mite, Chimp with a Limp, Snazz, and Danny Pudi talk about the rising cost of college and then roasts Mandy Patinkin with Jack Black's help. Paul, Jack Black, Hot Dog, Snazz, and Armond Mite sing their rendition of the "No, You Shut Up!" theme song.




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