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Marvin E. Quasniki for President is a Henson Alternative webseries produced for YouTube's the Nerdist Channel. The series debuted on December 7, 2011.

The series features web videos and social media updates from Marvin E. Quasniki, a fictional presidental candidate, performed by Paul Rugg. Quasniki is a Turquoise farmer from Tonopah, Nevada.

His campaign focuses around a slogan of "no more bullshit."

In Quasniki's campaign announcment, he outlined three intentions of his campaign:

1. No bullshit; anyone who does bullshit gets thrown out of the Oval Office.
2. Make the Oval Office more circular and pleasing.
3. No more bullshit again, because if you give people a few more hours they are back to you with bullshit.

During a campaign rally — which he called a “thing” — in Iowa, Quasniki unveiled a second campaign slogan: "How Much Worse Could It Get?"

Quasniki appeared on CNN's OutFront on December 7, 2011 to discuss his campaign with Erin Burnett. "You're a Republican," an incredulous Burnett answered before Quasniki fired back "Well, I'm – you know what, I'm an American. Right now I'm only running as Republican because they're a bunch of clowns, but you never know, I'm an American. I'm for the people."

Quasniki was interviewed about his campaign by GeekChicDaily on December 8, 2011.

In December 2011, Quasniki appeared on episode #150 of the The Nerdist Podcast with Chris Hardwick to lay out his 5-point plan for America.

On January 11, 2012, Marvin E. Quasniki became a blogger for the Huffington Post.


<videogallery id="0"> Video:Campaign Announcement|Campaign announcement Video:Man on the street|Man on the street Video:Marvin on CNN's OutFront with Erin Burnett|Marvin on CNN's OutFront with Erin Burnett Video:Marvin E. Quasniki - Iowa Republican Debate|Iowa Republican Debate Video:Seasons Greetings from your next president Marvin E. Quasniki|Seasons greetings from your next president Video:Happy New Year from Marvin E. Quasniki|Happy New Year from Marvin E. Quasniki Video:Marvin E. Quasniki - Campaign Ad|Campaign Ad Video:Marvin E. Quasniki Iowa Caucus Video Diary|Iowa Caucus Video Diary Video:The Marvin E. Quasniki for 2012 Thing!|The Marvin E. Quasniki for 2012 Thing! Video:Marvin E. Quasniki at the South Carolina GOP Debate|South Carolina GOP Debate Video:Marvin E. Quasniki's Rebuttal to the State of the Union|Rebuttal to the State of the Union Video:Marvin Responds to Newt Gingrich Moon Colony|Marvin Responds to Newt Gingrich Moon Colony Video:A Fireside Chat from Marvin E. Quasniki|A Fireside Chat Video:COURSE OF THE FORCE -- An Epic Journey|Course of the Force Video:Happy Valentine's Day from Marvin E. Quasniki|Happy Valentine's Day Video:Marvin E. Quasniki Attends CPAC 2012|Marvin E. Quasniki Attends CPAC 2012 Video:Mr. Quasniki Goes to Washington|Mr. Quasniki Goes to Washington Video:Marvin E. Quasniki's Fireside Chat - The American Dream|A Fireside Chat - The American Dream Video:Marvin E. Quasniki's Fireside Chat - The Bullshit Report|A Fireside Chat - The Bullshit Report </videogallery>

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