On April 1, 2009, Mortimer was the subject of a series of comical TwitPics sent from the Jim Henson Company's Twitter account in honor of April Fools Day. The premise was that Mortimer, a "cast member" in the Puppet Up! - Uncensored show, worked in the Henson Company offices in between shows.

Mortimer's TweetsEdit

Tweets included:


  1. @HensonCompany TwitPic
  2. @HensonCompany TwitPic
  3. @HensonCompany TwitPic
  4. @HensonCompany TwitPic
  5. @HensonCompany TwitPic
  6. @HensonCompany TwitPic
  7. @HensonCompany TwitPic
  8. @HensonCompany TwitPic

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