No, You Shut Up!
Season 4, Episode 2
Date February 11, 2016
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"Oui Oui" is the title of the second episode of the fourth season of No, You Shut Up!. The episode aired on Fusion on February 11, 2016. Bassem Youssef and Adam Conover appear as guests.


In "Shut Up the Vote," Paul F. Tompkins talks about the recent election coverage with Oliver Pouch and Dwayne Johnson. Bassem Youssef talks about his Fusion show Democracy Handbook while also appearing on Star Schlessinger's segment "Judged." Adam Conover talks about Adam Ruins Everything and grabs a 3-D Internet Question Randomizer where he gets stuck in there. Paul, Oliver Pouch, Barry and Gary, Dwayne Johnson, and Adam Conover (who is still stuck in the 3-D Internet Question Randomizer) about the true crime documentaries and criminal justice reserve. Adam Conover finally gets out of the box when it turns out that it has to be pushed open as he tries to get Paul and the others to eat his poop potatoes.


NYSU S04E04 w Bassem Youssef & Adam Conover21:41

NYSU S04E04 w Bassem Youssef & Adam Conover

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