No, You Shut Up!
Season 3, Episode 12
Date March 5, 2015
Episode Guide
Ski Lodge High

"Pistachio" is an episode of No, You Shut Up! that first aired on Fusion on March 5, 2015. Fred Willard appears.


Paul F. Tompkins discusses about Tax Day as he burns his tax bills in the trash can. In "Cram," Paul discusses brief info with Professor Cornelius Nougat, Star Schlessinger, and George Rooney. Fred Willard talks about the latest trends. Bryan Fuller talks about Season 3 of Hannibal and answers questions from Bigfoot that revolve around Bigfoot's latest show. Paul, Star Schlessinger, George Rooney, Gary and Barry, and Fred Willard discuss social media.


NYSU S03E12 "Pistachio"22:00

NYSU S03E12 "Pistachio"

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