No, You Shut Up!
Season 4, Episode 6
Date March 10, 2016
Episode Guide
Half Mexican
Thomas Lennon/John Hodgman
Reza Aslan/Mary Lynn Rajskub is the sixth episode of the the fourth season of No, You Shut Up!. The episode aired on Fusion on March 10, 2016. Reza Aslan and Mary Lynn Rajskub appear as guests.


In "Shut Up the Vote," Armond Mite, Yerd Nerp, and Star Schlessinger talk about Super Tuesday's debate. Reza Aslan talks about Of Kings and Prophets and takes part in the game "Trumptionary" with help from The Constitution. Mary Lynn Rajskub wears the Quizzle 8000 where she is matched with her idea candidate with help from Ned Cooper and Bigfoot. In "Speak Frankly," Hot Dog talks with Tony Hale about different things. Paul holds a moment of silence for those who lost the election followed by their mannequins getting sliced by Cold Steel's swords. Paul, Star Schlessinger, Yerd Nerp, and Armond Mite talk about the single girl power, the possible closing of Guantánamo Bay, and the rise of the robots.


NYSU S04E08 w Reza Aslan and Mary Lynn Rajskub21:50

NYSU S04E08 w Reza Aslan and Mary Lynn Rajskub

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