No, You Shut Up!
Season 4, Episode 1
Date February 4, 2016
Episode Guide
Mandy Patinkin
Oui Oui

"Scones" is the title of the fourth season's premiere of No, You Shut Up!. The episode aired on Fusion on February 4, 2016. Cenk Uygur and Colin Hanks appear as guests.


In the Season Four premiere, Paul F. Tompkins talks about the election covering. In "Shut Up the Votes" Paul, Armond Mite, Hot Dog, and Star Schlessinger talk about their political analysis on the election caucus. Cenk Uygur talks about his show The Young Turks while taking part in the "Terminal Verdict" where they take parts about Sarah Palin's support of Donald Trump, the scones that Paul and his wife prefer, and Hot Dog's question about Super Bowl 50. Colin Hanks talks about his show Life in Pieces and does kinder-splaining with Miss Pancakes about dangerous topics. Paul, Star Schlessinger, Armond Mite, Hot Dog, and Colin Hanks talk about gun regulations.


NYSU S04E03 w Colin Hanks and Cenk Uygur21:50

NYSU S04E03 w Colin Hanks and Cenk Uygur

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