Skreet undercover as a goat
PERFORMER Allan Trautman

Skreet is one of the stars of The Simian Undercover Detective Squad As part of S.U.D.S., Skreet works side-by-side with Yeager. He often goes undercover as part of his job, usually dressing as animals or women. describes Skreet as:

Skreet is a veteran bad cop and resident loose cannon who'd just as soon punch a crook in the face as spit on him...of course he'd rather do both. Skreet doesn't play by the rules but if you find yourself in the urban jungle, he's the monkey you want on your back.[1]

The ape puppet used for Skreet was previously seen on Jim Henson's Animal Show and as Professor Ape in the Puppet Up! - Uncensored stage shows.

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  1. Character Description

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