FROM The Podcast
PERFORMER Michael Oosterom

Steve is a "facilities engineer" (aka janitor) at the Jim Henson Company's studio lot.

Steve first appeared alongside Grant Baciocco in a 2008 Halloween video-cast for the Podcast. He tells stories of the "hauntings" on the lot (and also makes fun of Grant's spikey hair). Steve knows the lot inside and out gives a detailed account of the property's spooky history. The podcast concludes with Steve under a white sheet dressed as a ghost and making howling noises. When Grant asks him to knock it off, the ghost says "Steve? We haven't had anyone named Steve here since 1969. But he passed on."

Steve appeared again in 2010 as host of "The Jim Henson Company Intern Challenge," a 3-part video podcast series.

In 2011, Steve went on to star in "Letter To Steve" a potential series of question-and-answer video podcasts. The first (and only) installment, a Valentine's Day episode where Steve answered questions sent in from fans about love and relationships, was released in February 2011.

His puppet was previously used for various old man characters in Puppet Up! - Uncensored.

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