No, You Shut Up!
Season 3, Episode 6
Date January 15, 2015
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The One with the Brussel Sprouts
Life Hacks

"Wait, What?!" is an episode of No, You Shut Up! that first aired on Fusion on January 15, 2015. Jonah Ray appears.


Paul F. Tompkins discusses the European Problems with George Rooney. Al Madrigal talks about his upcoming Fusion special "Half Like Me" while showing a clip of their project "Wait, What?!" with Hot Dog and Lady Wiener and later reads a letter from his past self. Chimp with a Limp talks about how his toyline was discontinued and the recent technological projects. Paul, George Rooney, Joe Lunchpail, Bigfoot, and Jonah Ray discusses the ideas about the next President of the United States.


NYSU S03E06 "WAIT, WHAT?!"-022:01

NYSU S03E06 "WAIT, WHAT?!"-0

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